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Currency Rise Helps Canadian N.H.L. Teams

“The Canadian teams went from being very weak to the crown jewel in a short period,” said Rob Tilliss, the founder of Inner Circle Sports, which advises owners and teams. “There are cycles, of course, but there’s enough interest and enthusiasm in Canada that this isn’t going to reverse Continue reading

Russian Billionaire to Buy NBA's Nets in Deal to Help Save Brooklyn Arena

"This has major macro implications," said Rob Tillis, a financial advisor in the sports industry who worked with Mr. Ratner on his 2004 acquisition of the team. "This is going to accelerate the globalization of sports and it validates the NBA's global plan." Continue reading

We put Sheffield Wednesday boss Nick Parker in the question hot seat

We have appointed Inner Circle Sports, a New York investment bank, who specialise in finding funding for American or European sports businesses. Continue reading

Anyone Looking to Buy a Soccer Team?

Owners of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, one of England's oldest teams, have retained the New York-based sports financing and consulting firm, Inner Circle Sports LLC, to find a new owner for the club. Continue reading

NHL Borrows From NFL as It Pursues Bigger TV Contract (Update1)

The NHL is smart to pursue the digital strategy, said Robert Tilliss, a sports banker at Inner Circle Sports LLC in New York. The challenge will be getting enough fans to care about league-wide events to get a bigger TV contract. Continue reading

Sunderland look ahead after Ellis Short takes control

As disclosed by Telegraph Sport last September, Short took a controlling stake in the club from Drumaville last year. As part of the deal, brokered by New York-based advisers Inner Circle Sports, he is understood to have taken a 51 per cent share with an option to take full control. Continue reading

Red Sox stake could fetch Times nice haul

"The Cubs are a dream at $1 billion," said Robert Tillis, chief executive of Inner Circle Sports, a merchant bank in New York focused on the sports industry. "You could argue that the Red Sox business model is more advanced than the Cubs." Continue reading

Smaller teams, leagues suffering in downturn

"I don't think we've ever had an attendance-driven bankruptcy," said Robert Tilliss, chief executive of Inner Circle Sports, a New York merchant bank focused on the sports industry. Continue reading

Baseball Hit by Money Woes as Phillies-Rays Sell Out (Update1)

This will be a slow trickle-down effect, not a big-bang theory,'' said Tilliss of Inner Circle Sports in New York. ``Companies are being pinched as we head into recession (if we aren't already) and presumably that results in cutbacks in their sports spend.'' Continue reading

Good Sports: Institutions are increasingly looking to the sports world for potential investments; riding the Nascar wave?

"I get calls daily from both private equity firms and hedge funds looking to see what we're working on," says Steven Horowitz, a partner at sports-focused investment bank Inner Circle Sports LLC. Continue reading

Druckenmiller's Task With Steelers Would Be `Don't Screw It Up'

Robert Tilliss, chief executive officer at investment banking firm Inner Circle Sports LLC in New York, said someone like Druckenmiller could figure out ways for the team to make more money. Continue reading

Financiers bullish on international growth

SportsBusiness Journal recently brought together four of the top executives in the business to discuss the state of affairs including Rob Tilliss, founder of Inner Circle Sports, an international and domestic sports adviser; Continue reading

Man U seeks more than $1B from bonds

In addition, securitizations are structured differently in Europe, said Rob Tilliss, founder of Inner Circle Sports, a financial adviser with European and U.S. sports clients. Unlike in the United States, a seller in Europe could regain access to the pledged revenue in certain circumstances. Continue reading

MLS considers Americans’ interest in Premiership a plus

Added Rob Tilliss, founder of sports and media investment firm Inner Circle Sports, “Domestically, MLS has continued to advance its business model through focusing on new stadium development and tapping into new markets.” Continue reading

NHL Franchises May Be Adding Luster as Predators' Value Swells

`The league continues to be on the rebound, attendance and revenues are strong, and the limited number of teams to buy right now is driving demand,'' said Rob Tilliss, chief executive at investment banking firm Inner Circle Sports LLC in New York. Continue reading

Deluxe Stadium May Enrich 49ers

"I would think they would be on the upper end of what's been done," said Tilliss, CEO of Inner Circle Sports LLC in New York. "There are so many high-tech companies out there looking at branding opportunities."
Continue reading

Bids Due Today In Showdown Over Railyards And Stadium

''Two years ago, who would've thought that the mayor's re-election would depend on one project,'' said Robert J. Tilliss, chief executive of Inner Circle Sports, a sports industry consultant. ''This one has gotten ugly and bitter. I think it's unprecedented in the U.S. to have the owners of two teams battling over the same project.'' Continue reading

Luring The Marlins Might Be A Long Shot, But Efforts By Las Vegas To Acquire A Major League Team Aren't Just For Show

Rob Tilliss, CEO of Connecticut-based Inner Circle Sports, which provides strategic and financial advice to sports teams, said he believes a baseball team, an NBA or NHL franchise could locate in Las Vegas within the next five years, but he wonders about a team's long-term viability there. Continue reading

The National Hockey League is hemorrhaging money. But the economics of owning a team can still be quite good.

A big advantage Comcast and Cablevision have over smaller market team owners: Both own pro basketball teams as well--the 76ers and the Knicks, respectively. That helps build advertising revenues, says sports banker Robert Tilliss, chief executive of Inner Circle Sports. Continue reading

Nets not giving up on Jersey

“Bruce is buying 10 years worth of damage and it is not easy to turn around,” said Rob Tilliss, managing director of Inner Circle Sports, who represented Ratner in the Nets deal. “The Nets have been a moribund franchise that has overachieved. Continue reading