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$20 Million Can Buy Quality Time With Mr. Met

Rob Tilliss, the president of Inner Circle Sports, a financial consultant to sports teams, said, “It’s basically an affirmation to other investors that they’re stepping up and are effectively shoulder to shoulder with their new investors.” Continue reading

NBA Players Shoot for Global Tour

"There will certainly be interest," said Rob Tilliss of Inner Circle Sports, a sports-financing company. "The question really is, what is the endgame? Are people going to shell out 50 bucks for a practice session?" Continue reading

Investors hold key to IMG future

They don’t want to have the perception in the market that it’s a forced sale because of the death of an owner,” said Rob Tilliss, managing partner of Inner Circle Sports, an investment bank that specializes in sports, media and entertainment. Continue reading

Swing and a Miss: Mets Deal Is Dead

Rob Tilliss, principal at Inner Circle Sports, a consulting firm, said selling that many limited partnerships could prove challenging. "To me, $200 million is just a very big number," Mr. Tilliss said, especially with potential partners possibly being on the hook to cover substantial losses in coming seasons. Continue reading

NFL to keep London on season itinerary

“The question for me is more about, What is the long-term goal of the NFL staging these games overseas?” said Rob Tilliss, founder of Inner Circle Sports, which has advised several English soccer clubs. “Are they going back to the concept of building a world league? Are they thinking of putting a team in London?” Continue reading

Manchester United May Rely on Support From Fans in Asia for Singapore IPO

In an IPO, “my sense is the investor base is going to be less institutional,” said Philip Hall, a partner at New York- based Inner Circle Sports, who advised on the takeovers of Liverpool and Sunderland. “It’s more likely people will invest from a retail perspective so they can say ‘I own 200 shares of Manchester United.’ It’s like buying the ultimate piece of merchandise.” Continue reading

Financial woes of Mets, Dodgers and Rangers bring call for review of owner debt rules

“They’re trying to tighten up the controls and certainly try to avoid another Rangers type of situation,” said Rob Tilliss, founder of sports advisory firm Inner Circle Sports. Continue reading

Model of N.B.A. Success Has Fallen Into Disarray

Rob Tilliss, founder of the New York-based sports equity firm Inner Circle, indicated he believed the franchise was on shakier ground. Inner Circle has handled the sale of the Texas Rangers and the Nets, among other franchises and arenas. Continue reading